Reserve An Appointment
Rather than simply having our door open all the time, as we were before lockdown, we are quickly moving across to a prior booked appointment based system to minimise the risk of large queues and long wait times on the very narrow pavements of Holt. We've reduced the number of hours we are physically open to the public so booking an appointment is the most convenient way of coming to see us.

By using this appointment system we feel we can better cater to clients that are coming to us from a far, for people who are of higher risk or indeed for those just looking for a more private and personal experience. 

Each appointment will be with a single staff member and just you and your guests, with the main door locked until you are finished. All staff members will be wearing KN95 grade masks, nitrile gloves and will operate a 2 metre distance policy at all times. We ask you please not to touch any fixtures of the gallery or studio but if you do wish to handle prints or paintings then hand sanitiser is readily available as are paper towels, gloves and disinfectant wipes should you wish to use them. 

We look forward to seeing you soon