Canvas or German Etching Paper?

Not sure which is best for you? Read on and compare

German Etching Paper

Perfect for filling shaded inner wall spaces 
Looks best when artificially lit
Always must be framed and presented behind glass
Great for hallways
Archival quality paper - won’t discolour or degrade with careful use
Fantastic as groups of two or three in a line
Huge range of frames available for this type of print 
Can add UV-reflectable glass at a small cost for better longevity in lighter hanging areas
Always hang with two screws secured by rawlplugs 

Cannot be placed in direct sunlight for long periods of time as it will fade
The glass reflects natural light, especially in conservatories or rooms with lots of windows
Can’t be hung above heat sources for risk of degradation of mount/paper
Don’t hang in bathrooms as steam causes damage to the print
Canvas Prints

Robust if dry-mount laminated
Versatile - can be hung more or less anywhere even heat sources (if dry-mount laminated)
As close as you’ll get to the appearance of an original without the cost
Looks best whether naturally or artificially lit
Can be hung in direct sunlight as long as it’s varnished properly by your framer
No need for frame if you choose to have it stretched
Doesn't need a glass barrier 
Great texture when finished 

Slight cost increase over paper prints
Not much else!